Let our drivers take your brand anywhere they drive.
The best part is that your ad on our driver's door will be seen in places where no other billboard advertisement can get.

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Advantages you get with 4doorsad concept

  • Same price all over Canada
  • Be it downtown core or a quiet neighborhood, our rate stays the same
  • Affordable - each car door you advertise on costs you only $65.00 per month
  • Flexible marketing budget - no need to spend a fortune on wrapping just one car, with 4Doorsad you will spend $65.00 per month on one car door advertisement space and that enables you hiring more cars to run your marketing campaign
  • You select a geographic location and time, where and when you want your brand to be seen
  • As per a study, advertisement on one car can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions, depending on population density
  • Our drivers become your brand ambassadors, not to mention that those drivers can be your potential clients as well


4Doorsad team's job is to ensure that you get a maximum ROI and Quality for the services you hire.

For this reason we came up with processes that help us to properly prequalify the drivers that will carry your brand and also monitor and assure that your brand exposure is performed as planned.

Some of the important factors that we take into consideration:

  • All our drivers report their odometer data on a weekly basis
  • Every week we receive pictures of the cars showing your ad on it. This helps us to ensure that the car is kept clean and that we can also monitor the decal's condition
  • Drivers are required to supply a clean driving record and valid insurance before we hire them
  • Background check is performed on all our drivers

Start you campaign by telling us the following points

  • Number of doors you want to hire per car
  • Number of cars you want to hire
  • Where you want you ad to be seen (city, area)
  • What time of the day you want your ad to be seen
  • If you have a car sticker design YES/NO (if yes please attach a sample)
  • When do you want to start/finish your campaign
  • Any other vital info or question you want to add

Value added services

  • We offer placing your ad, promo coupon on our Facebook page FREE of charge extending your reach to your potential clients.
  • We also match businesses for potential joint approach to the market for mutual benefit.
  • Campaign example:
    Advertisers: Fitness club and Kids Play place located in the same neighborhood, joint message to the market: "Leave your kids to play and go work out just around the corner!" This combo service is offered with discount.

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