We have tried to cover most of the questions we think you might have, if you have any other inquiries, please drop us a line to: info@4doorsad.com

Q: Is Driver sign up free?

A: Yes

Q: Can decals damage paint on my car?

A: We use high quality material to prevent that

Q: Can I refuse to carry a decal if I don’t like content of it?

A: Yes, we will reach out to you with full information on advertiser and ad content before engaging you into campaign. Also, we have a policy NOT to advertise any adult, alcohol and tobacco products on our car decals

Q: How do you pay your drivers?

A: We mail a cheque

Q: How do I get a decal on my car?

A: You will receive a decal by mail with clear instructions on how to affix it on your car (it's very easy to put on)

Q: Is it easy to take a decal off once a campaign is over?

A: Yes, it is. Also, you will have instructions how to do it

Q: How long do campaigns last?

A: Can be one month, can be a year, each case is different, but you will know BEFORE we start working with you

Q: How big is one decal?

A: Average size is 12"x24"

Q: Can I use only one door advertisement space on each car?

A: Yes

Q: What is a minimum amount of cars you suggest to hire?

A: Depends on your business. For a small business it would be good to have 10 cars with your brand name in your neighborhood

Q: If one car can have different advertisements, can I see my competitor's ad next to mine on the same car?

A: No. We ensure that no direct competitors are using the same cars as an advertising space

Q: Does you price include decal design and print out?

A: No, CAD 65.00 is only for renting advertising space

Q: Can you support with decal design?

A: Sure

Q: Can I supply you with decals I have?

A: No. We must protect car owner's interests by working with only approved decal printing companies providing high quality decals.

Q: What is a average decal printout price?

A: Between 16 and 20 dollars