"Saw the car with my ad in downtown Calgary few times, good outdoor exposure for 65 bucks in city core!"
Alex Iron - Owner, Double Alex team real estate
"Was good marketing solution for my product (aloe drinks), very cost efficient covering city parts I needed"
Ali Pourafrouz - Owner, Nibo Group
"Signed up myself and my husband, got a call two weeks later from 4doors, earned $960.00 for 6 month campaign by just driving my regular commute with a cool car decal on my car! It felt good to spend this money for a week-end in Victoria!"
Sadia and Shahid Rasheed - Drivers with 4DOORSAD
"Swiss Chalet campaign I was part of not only earned me $480.00 but also made me a popular guy among my colleagues and neighbors when I was passing over the free kid meal coupons I had for distribution!"
Mike Anis - Driver with 4DOORSAD

Case study for a restaurant outdoor advertising campaign in Calgary city

With 10 cars that were hired and drivers that were commuting the Calgary city areas with 420,000 residents (wards 13,11,8,1,9) we were generating 150,000 impressions a day. The campaign monthly cost was just $500.00. To compare, the downtown billboard that costs much higher can only generate about 25,000 impressions a day.

Just think of this number, for $21.65 a day, they had 150,000 impressions!!!

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